About Me

Hard to know where to start, but in the spring of 2023 I was diagnosed with “Poorly Controlled Diabetes” (Type 2). After about a month I decided I needed to start a blog about how I was going to “Not die of the betes” as my wife and I had begun to joke about it. I find it comforting to be able to joke about things though it usually takes some time to get to that point.

I can be considered a Foodie, I love to cook, and bake, and most of all I love Candy. During a road-trip from NYC to Austin, a friend of mine made this realization very vocal, in that he had never seen anyone eat as much candy as me.

I am not saying the candy did me in, but I am sure it was a contributing factor. Much like genetics and lifestyle, and possibly COVID, are factors. I’ll post more about all of that in separate posts.

About this Blog

I want to document for others as well as for myself what I have been going through and what my experience has been and hopefully someone else will find it useful as a source of information, inspiration, or even a laugh (at me or with me, no matter).

I’ll probably throw the basic AdWords type stuff on here to be able to try and amortize the cost of hosting.

Rather than doing a typical WordPress install, I’ve decided to use a Static Site Generator, selecting Hugo. I’ve come across these in my professional life (as a Web Developer), but never really used one.

Here goes nothing!