And the Beat Goes On

Less than 7

My A1C came at 6.3, which wasn’t as good as 5.9, but still less than 7. We headed to Texas for the better part of what an A1C test is supposed to cover, being like three month review of your blood sugar.

During my time in Texas I was not as diligent as I had been the previous three months. I did join the YMCA and was swimming pretty regularly while we were there, but I also had access to HEB’s bakery and there is a Krispy Kreme on the way home from the 24hr Fiteness. So I occasionally worked out, then had a doughnut (or two).

I skipped my CGM a couple of weeks, but was checking my sugars in the morning and things were copacetic. I maintained my weight and I was continuing to log my food and kept my calories in check, most of the time.

It was nice to forget for a moment here and there that I have Type 2 Diabetes.

No more needles

Well the Doctor took my off insulin. I am very much enjoying not having to stab myself with a needle everynight. I am still on Metformin and my statin. My cholestoral was much more in line with normal, though not 100% perfect, so hoping that through continued diet, exercise, and meds, that my cholesterol will be perfect at my next checkup.

Change of pace

My blood sugars are more or less where they should be. But they are not as low as when I was taking insulin. On the days that I work out, they are much better, but that was the case before as well, and of course, duh.

I have found that my CGM fairly routinely registers 20-40 points higher than a ‘finger stick’. But the general trend has kept the same, I eat food, particulary with carbs and my blood sugar goes up for 3-4 hours, then it comes back down to normal. I have also found that when I have the CGM in my left arm is 10-20 points higher than when it is in the right arm. Factors regarding the amount of fat and muscle come into play. My arms don’t have much fat on them these days.

Have you gone Today?

I’ve had a few times before and after the removal of insulin, where my blood sugar was higher all day than I felt it should be, as I felt normal, and really hadn’t eaten anything to spike it. I noticed a pattern between being a tad constipated and this increase in blood sugar. I looked into it and from what I could find on the Internet, there is some correlation between having higher blood sugar and constipation, as the material in your bowels is being converted by your gut bugs into sugars. Not being a doctor, please consult your physician.

I can say that after releaving myself, my blood sugar dropped. So crisis adverted?

Medium, say what!

I am fitting into Medium sized shirts and sweat pants. When it comes to jeans I am fitting into size 34 jeans. I had bought this paid of 38 jeans, some sort of ‘skinny taper’ on accident back in late 2022. I couldn’t really get into them back when I bought them, but I can now. They were not the most comfortable, but I wore them for a couple of days. I decided it was time for some new jeans, so we went to the store. And I decided to see if Medium sweatpants would fit, and they did.

I haven’t been a 34 since probably freshman year of high school.

Where do we go from here?

There are a variety of non-insulin medications that the doctor rattled off to me. If my blood sugar spikes uncontrollably, she will want to put me on one. She likely will want to put me on one if my next A1C comes in higher than 7. I am not going back on Ozempic, don’t like it.

I have been exercising almost daily. I skip a day here and there. Before the snow set in, I walked for about 45 minutes to an hour a day in the morning. This usually meant somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5-3 miles.

I increased the weights on my weight bench, I am set to do that again this coming week. When I do workout, I do about 150 crunches and I am averaging 15 minute on the rowing machine.

I am keeping to my calories on most days, but some days I go over, oddly those days are usually the days when I eat two giant salads during the day.

I am looking forward to spring, I miss my morning paddles up and down the river. Arguably, I miss eating my breakfast on the water.

I am going to keep lifting weights, doing my rowing machine, and when I can, go for a walk. I won’t be able to paddle until May.

My next checkup will likely be in March.